Why join vwnc


Prospective members are eligible to attend up to two monthly luncheon meetings as a guest before joining.  Registration for lunch is required online by the deadline printed.  Our greeters and executive members can answer any questions regarding the club at luncheons.  You may wish to review Members’ Terms and Conditions and our Constitution as you consider joining.  You may join any time up to three years after moving to Victoria and you may remain a member of VWNC for four years after joining.  We meet at: Union Club in downtown Victoria (805 Gordon Street).  A map is available on the Contact Us page.  If you have questions or want more information, click on vwncenquiries@gmail.com

After joining, you will have access to our password protected Members Only pages that provide current information and sign-up forms for club events, activities and interest groups, as well as club news, and a membership list.  You may attend all monthly luncheon meetings and vote at annual general meetings.  At the luncheon, you will receive a personalized name tag.

Joining is easy!  Annual membership runs from September 1 until August 31, but new members may join throughout the year.  Registration for membership can be completed through our online registration form -- just complete the form below and pay the annual membership fee of $40 using your credit card that is processed through PayPal.  Or you may elect to use your PayPal account or begin a free PayPal account for yourself.  You do not need to have a PayPal account for payment.  After completing the online registration form, click “Submit” and your registration will be processed.  A receipt will follow via email.  You may then LOG IN/SIGN UP to set up your Account with a password to access the Members' secured pages.

Activity sign-up is easy to do.  Review the "Our Activities" page and see which activities interest you.  You may sign-up for activities after you have joined as a member -- log in and go to the "Members" dropdown, then click on "Activities Registration", and sign-up for each activity you want to participate in. 

Please Note:  Membership Fees are prorated from April - August and the cost for this time period is $20.  This is due to the limited number of activities that meet during the summer. 




GUEST Registration for Lunch

If you want to join us as a guest at out monthly luncheon, register by clicking on the Guest Registration button found under the page heading "Join Us".  Please fill out the Introduction Information form there with some information about you so that we may introduce you to the other VWNC Newcomers.  Space at luncheons is limited, so book early!  Note that registration for the monthly luncheons closes one week prior to the 1st Thursday of the month.  You can find out more from vwncenquiries@gmail.com

Members' Luncheons

Once you are a VWNC Member, you will register using the form on the Book Luncheon page under "Members".


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Fill in the form below and pay for your Membership dues online, through our secure PayPal portal.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can pay with a credit card OR with your own PayPal account

Confirmation of your membership registration and online payment will be sent to your email address.


If you encounter difficulty registering, please contact our webmaster for technical assistance.

To pay by credit card, when the Order Summary appears, click on the yellow "PayPal Checkout" button. In the next screen, click on the grey button that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."


If you are not certain your payment information was accepted, please do not fill out the form and payment info again.  Please contact the webmaster to see if your credit card payment was successful.

Difficulties booking online?  Please contact the webmaster:  vwncwebmaster@gmail.com

PLEASE READ:   Terms and Conditions of Membership


The aim of the club is to provide an atmosphere of friendship and goodwill.  Club activities are intended to provide members with enjoyment and useful community information.  Activities and luncheons are organized and carried out by members who volunteer their time for benefit of the Club.

Initial membership is open to women who have lived in Victoria for three years or less.  You may attend two luncheons as a paying guest before joining.  Activities are open to members only.  Club fees are $35.00 per year.  The usual length of membership is four years.

Members are expected to:

  • uphold the Constitution (VWNC Constitution, August 2016);

  • sign a liability waiver each year;

  • pay the annual VWNC membership fee by the time due;

  • participate in lunches and activities as they are interested and able;

  • welcome new members into the club and help familiarize them with club activities.


Members are also encouraged to:

  • serve in a leadership role during the four years of their membership. Our club is successful because of the active involvement of our generous volunteers. We rely on your skills and interests to maintain VWNC's vibrancy.


Membership is limited to four full membership years.  Membership will conclude on August 31st following the fourth anniversary of joining and members will then be considered “graduates.”


Privacy Policy
Each member shall have the option of allowing her personal information to be broadcast to the membership. The Executive will require the information but will be obligated to ensure their member’s privacy requests are honoured. When membership ceases, the Executive will remove all personal information from the club’s current record. The list of members is for the private use of members only and is not to be used by VWNC or its members for the purposes outside VWNC business including use for commercial gain, advertising, marketing or distribution to third parties.


Contact information is published on the membership list and distributed to members each month. Names and photographs may be published on our website. Membership shall be revoked for any member found using or supplying the membership list for the purpose of selling or soliciting.

Liability Waiver
The VWNC is an organization run solely on volunteer involvement and leadership. Members arrange and carry out all Club activities, without remuneration, solely for the benefit of the members. It is, therefore, a condition of membership that neither the Club nor any member shall be liable to any other member (including their partner/spouse/children/friends/family members/pets) for any damages or injury, however caused, suffered in consequence of taking part in any activity or function arranged or conducted by the Club.

I understand that all activities in which I participate are done at my own risk and I accept full responsibility.


Use of Photography

Photos will be taken at VWNC events. It is up to the member to remove herself from a potential or actual photo shoot if she does not want her photo taken or published on the website, the VWNC social network or anywhere the VWNC promotes its activities. Members who take photos at club events for their personal use will honour a member’s request not to make photos available for public view.