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Welcome Luncheon Guests!


We're glad that you have decided to join us for one of our monthly luncheons held from September through June. You are welcome to attend two luncheons before deciding to join.  Doors open at 11:15 and lunch begins at 11:45.  One of our members will greet you when you arrive.  Your name will be on the list at the check-in desk.  Please fill out the registration form below and submit your payment in order to attend the luncheon.  We look forward to introducing you at the luncheon and to ensuring you enjoy your time with us.  If you have questions regarding registration online, please contact our webmaster at vwncwebmaster@gmail.com.


​               JOIN US FOR OUR
                  NoVEMBER LUNCHEON!




●To enter the Union Club, please use the door located near the corner of Gordon and Humboldt. 
●If we are not there to greet you, press the buzzer to the left of the door and you will be let in. 
Please remember to bring your name tag and check in at the registration table when you arrive.
DOORS OPEN 11:15 am
m - Welcome / Lunch & Chat

                     Our Guest Speaker

                        Kathleen Gilbert


                               Film Commissioner,

                                                 Vancouver Island South Film and Media Commission is 

                                                            responsible for marketing the CRD to producers worldwide.     


                               Topic:“Adapting to and applying our talents to

                                       grow the Island’s film industry.”


                                            DIRECTIONS AND PARKING INFO FOR THE

                                 UNION CLUB CAN BE FOUND HERE


Luncheon Protocols

1) Hand sanitizers will be provided.  Wearing masks is discretionary.  If attendees wish to wear a mask, they are advised to bring their own. 

2) Doors open at 11:15 for immediate seating (no milling around a coffee station).

3) The luncheon will terminate at the usual time -- 2pm. 

4) Seating will be assigned and guests will not be allowed to change seats.

5) The total number of attendees is capped at 40. 

6) There will be 10 tables with 4 people per table.  Given the restriction on attendees, registrations will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

7)  There will be table service for the entire meal -- three courses including a plate of squares for dessert.  There will be no menu choices.  However, people with food allergies will be provided with separate plates and identified by neon cards at their place setting.

8) Bar service will be available through orders given once seated.

9) Coffee and tea will be served when guests and members are seated at the tables. 

10) The recording of names, emails, and telephone numbers of all guests is mandatory.  These will be submitted to the Union Club.

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We strive to provide a lunch that can be enjoyed by everyone; please do not approach the servers to provide meal replacements.  If you would like to discuss any aspects of the menu, please contact Janet Burns, Venue Coordinator.



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We look forward to meeting you at the luncheon!
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Our luncheons feature interesting guest speakers

Anny Scoones-guest speaker Sept 2018 IMG
members enjoy making
connections with others new to victoria
Sept 2019 Luncheon -Table 9 -IMG_3077.jp

To register, please fill in this form.  Your payment may be made by credit or debit card OR with your own PayPal account.  (You do NOT need to have a Paypal account.) 

All participants at VWNC activities must complete a liability waiver.  By registering for the luncheon, you agree to the liability waiver below.

To pay by credit card, when the Order Summary appears, click on the yellow "PayPal Checkout" button. In the next screen, click on the grey button that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card."


If you are not certain your payment information was accepted, please do not fill out the form and payment info again.  Please contact the webmaster to see if your credit card payment was successful.

Difficulties booking online?  Please contact the webmaster:  vwncwebmaster@gmail.com

VWNC Liability Waiver Agreement for Guests


Liability Waiver  As a guest at a VWNC activity, I understand that all activities in which I participate are done at my own risk and I accept full responsibility.  Neither the Club nor any member shall be liable for any damages or injury, however caused, suffered in consequence of taking part in any activity or function arranged or conducted by the Club. 


Use of Photography  Photos will be taken at VWNC events.  It is up to a guest to remove themself from a potential or actual photo shoot if they do not want their photo taken or published on the website, the VWNC social network or anywhere the VWNC promotes its activities.  Guests who take photos at club events for their personal use will honour a member’s request not to make photos available for public view.

Thank you for registering for our upcoming luncheon.
We know you will find the program interesting, the food delicious,
and our members friendly, engaging, and well-travelled!

Questions?  Please contact vwncenquiries@gmail.com

or vwncwebmaster@gmail.com